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Over the years, I've fallen, risen, grown, and evolved in the areas of Love. Continually expanding my beliefs and connection to my Souls desires with God's help through the various experiences I've gone through surrounding this area. I've learned a deeper form of Love and acceptance, first for myself, and then others. Searching through the depths of my human imperfections, discovering the similarities and flaws in others that I've discovered in myself, I've expanded to greater levels of love and compassion for the human nature. It is my hope that through my shared experiences, you too may find similarities within yourself that allow you to have love, compassion, and acceptance for yourself and others. 

Here you will find channeled messages from Izzy, my fairy spirit guide, who is the love and relationship expert from the spirit realm, with advice and articles that revolve around the greatest part of your being--Love.
With the assistance of God, Izzy, my Andromedan Star guides, & every other High vibrational being I connect with, I use my gift of Clairaudience to help you find lasting success in the area of Love.

Love of Self, Love of God and spirit, and Love with others.
Many have been heartbroken by love, and we are here to show you the unconditional Truths of Love.  I hope you enjoy the site and allow it to speak Love & an infusion of Vibrancy into your life. No one's journey is exactly alike, but whatever journey we are on, inevitably, our heart and souls connect us all. 

Be Love. Be Beautiful.
Love NElise.

I'm in a love Triangle

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Dear Lover

Dear Lover...This Is Why I'm Ready For You Now... Written June 23rd, 2016 Dear Lover, I had a talk with my heart the other night. I...

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