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6 months

written August 15, 2016 by NElise

I had a prayer only God and I knew When you'd come along I'd recognize you I don't give myself away easily Skeptical I knew i'd be so I prayed to God that I wouldn't miss you so he gave me a sign so I'd know the truth 6 months, God whispered, and you will know your soul will feel what only you and I know. Trust yourself You've prayed this before. Never have you missed him Stay open once more It was at 6 months that I knew- I remembered my prayer and I recognized you: " May our 6 months turn to 6 years that turn to 16 years that turn to 60... and when our time runs out may our love in this life exist into eternity and return again in each life after where we find each other and know that our 6 months turned into forever and repeats itself throughout history" This was my prayer only God and I knew and at 6 months I knew... I'd made this prayer to recognize you So our love could exists in every life forever through and through

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