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Clear that $hi+

Energy clearing practices for the tired, fed up, and exhausted.

I make myself laugh with this one, because let’s be honest…We can be as spiritual as we want but sometimes the energy of this world makes us want to say a million bad words and say What the ____!? And you just must give yourself permission to remember, you’re a Spirit having a HUMAN experience. And that human experience, is coming to teach you how to embrace all parts of you. And when your HUMAN experience suffers more than it prefers, remember you are a Spirit, and lighten up.

The most important practice you can learn when diving into the world of energy and Spirit is learning to cleanse and protect your energy.

A real crap relationship I was once in said to me, “it’s like you live on a different plane of reality.”

 At the time, they meant it as an insult, and I took it as one. I was hurt. Offended. And probably cried like a baby that I was so terribly misunderstood.

It wasn’t until much later when I realized the beauty that truth actually offered me. I’ve always been different… in the way common things don’t affect me. Some call it carefree. Others call it careless. Checked out.

I guess it depends on your point of view, and how that behavior affects YOU personally in the moment. However, whatever you call it, some of us need a few doses of it.

Spirit once said I have a natural shield. Meaning, I’m naturally protected by the load of flying crap flying around in atmosphere.

I agree, I am way relaxed about a lot of things. And yet, it’s getting harder out here. And I want to help with a few tips I’ve learned when I need to get rid of the energy of a bad environment, person, conversation, or internal self-sabotaging dialogue.

I’ve broken them down into several categories based on how you connect with energy the best-I’ve developed my connection with all of them and find these are a few of my favorite ways for each.

My Feelers (clairsentience)

This practice Is for those who are empathic and sensitive to the energies. When you can feel a bad vibe from a million miles away. When you can walk into a space and feel whether the mass majority of the people, or things, in the space have created something positive or negative. You are most likely, those who are impacted at the deepest level by non-visible vibrations. You are the ones that likely experience the most mood swings in your everyday experience.

To cleanse- Outdoors is your best friend- (OR your Sacred space) if you don’t have a sacred space…it’s time to create one for yourself.

The fastest way to disconnect from people, environments, or experiences that have left with a mucky, yucky, fight you or flight you feeling is to use the high vibration of nature.

Step #1 CHANGE YOUR SPACE- wherever you are that has you feeling stuck and low vibrational- leave it. Walk away. Switch rooms, walk down the street, you get the idea. MOVE.

Step #2 Connect your heart and 3rd eye with a physical and natural high vibrational object. This is the strongest tool.

      Example- Hug a tree.

      Hold a flower, crystal, a sentimental object and bring it to your heart. Hold it there. Deep Breath.

      Sit and connect your hands and feet in a garden or by a body of water.

      Put your BARE feet to the ground. Soil, sand, or grass is best.

      Place your hands flat on the earth and take deep breaths.

      Pet an animal

      Hug someone you love and loves you.

      USE THE SUN (or Moon) energy- Lift your head to the sun. Close your eyes and feel the sun hitting your 3rd eye. Feel the heat of the sun or cool of the moon pouring over you from the top of your head down through the bottom of your feet.

As you do ANY of these practice- Say out loud OR affirm to your heart and mind- “I am at peace. I am DISCONNECTED from the energy of_________. I am now present to my own again, and my energy feels______ (say something amazing & what you genuinely want to feel) Ex: Euphoric.


My Audio Connectors (clairaudients)

This is MY personal favorite- Why? I’m clairaudient before all else- This was my first connection…

MUSIC is my muse. Music changes my whole mood.

I have a great pair of headphones and I will tune the ENTIRE world out and Jam while floating on another dimension until I feel like reconnecting with the reality of this planet. Yes, I in fact live on a different plane of reality.

Nothing else exists but me and the music.

For those of you who are audio connectors- Music may be the portal to your happiness. Because I am also empathic, music has a direct impact on my mood. So, my playlist is a mixed bag. I have music for every occasion.

Maybe you need to sample your playlist and find the music that best suites the energy that wants to Rise up in you to assist you in changing your energy and keep moving forward with strength in your day.

Example: I love classical music-it’s great when I’m studying or want to wallow in my sadness for a few minutes…

 but when I am HOT and ready to blow up the world (because I’m dramatic)- Clair de lune is not helping.

 Sometimes I need some good ol’ Trap Rap or ‘Lil wayne. Sometimes I need the CINEMATIC version of “daylight.” Sometimes Imagine Dragons does it. Queen or Rolling Stones…Blake Shelton… Let your music be an experiment for your highest vibration and the Self expression you may be repressing that wants to come out and hug you.

Don’t feel bad about tuning out the whole world until you are refilled and happy.

Remember: When you are happy- Those around you are the benefactors.

For some of you, you may find Binaural Beats, Sound baths, Rain sounds, and white noise may bring you a change of needed energy.

For some, Singing and using your own voice will change your vibration. Many times, I sing and use light codes to change my vibration. I ask Spirit to use my own throat to be a channel for change. Sometimes it sounds like angels, and I feel the energy flowing through me. OR sometimes it sounds HORRIBLE and makes me laugh. And in this case, the energy of laughter quickly changes my energy.

As you do any of these practices- get lost in yourself. Get lost in the music. The moment. And you will find your disconnected from whatever made you feel like Hell.


My Visionaries (Clairvoyants) For those of you who are visionaries- A fantastic way to clear your energy and change your mood is to be able to physically see beauty. Magic. Fun.

Clairvoyance took me a while to connect with- but once I believed in what I would see- my mind opened in ways you wouldn’t believe. The world of What we can’t see became one of my favorite places to play.

So how do we strengthen this to disconnect and find magic again…

Making a MESS- This one will come easily or with difficulty based on your personality. However, for the purpose of releasing energy- I find it to be the absolute BEST. If you are overly rigid about making a mess- there is a lot you energetically need to let go of.

      My FAVORITE Mess is with paint- I like to take different colors and put each in a plastic container, I take a white canvas, cardboard, or whatever I don’t mid making messy, including a white t-shirt and using my hands to create something.

That’s right, I put my hands in paint. Sometimes even my whole body. That takes way more paper. But it is freeing in a way you wouldn’t believe.

For those of you who are not fans of making a mess, I’ll give you another and faster practice…

      Have a Zen Zone: Visionaries love to be in the presence of beauty. Clean. Fresh. Simple.

Have a space you can go that is your happy place. Filled with your favorite pictures. Artwork. Something that is visually pleasing and uplifting.

      Go to a local Museum.

      Take a walk near the beach or beautiful park.

      Walk your neighborhood and specifically look for something beautiful, unique, or different.

      Take Pictures- Get lost in this beautiful world we live in. Explore. Capture things you find that bring a smile to your face.

      FOCUS and BE PRESENT to the goodness of the World you live in.

      Look around-Focus on the unique pattern of a leaf on your favorite tree.

      Look at the way a wave crashes on to the sand and notice the pattern or print it leaves in the sand.

      Focus on the Beauty of YOU- look at your hands- do they remind you of someone you love? Is there something unique about them? Experience yourself in a different way.

Let whatever you focus on tell you Its Story… Get lost in visually creating a happier experience.

My Aromatics (clairalience)

This one is for those who can be transported through SMELL. To cleanse and change your energy through smell, Aromatherapy, candles, cooking, baking etc. can all be a portal for changing your energy and raising your mood.

I love scents. When I am in a low vibrational mood- smell changes everything for me.

It may be beneficial for those who connect this way, to carry a travel sized perfume, or cleansing spray, or essential oil with them at all times.

      A fast way to cleanse is to make or purchase an aromatic spray with scents like grapefruit, lemon, orange etc. These scents are known to lift your vibration.

Whenever you feel bad, take a whiff, or spray it around your body like your personal aroma shield.

This one may seem funny, but it’s helped me in so many ways when I’m at home and feel overwhelmed…

      Put your head in the freezer and take deep breaths.

It feels like a boost of oxygen that my sometimes highly anxious body needs.

      Go past a bakery. You get the idea… Go smell something amazing.

      Light highly aromatic candles.

In the space of great smells, take deep breaths. Inhale, Exhale, and release whatever is causing your low vibrational feelings.


Well, my loves, I hope each of you can find the key to clearing your energy. There are so many ways to disconnect…

But BY FAR, the easiest way to disconnect to unpleasant energies, is creating the INTENTION to disconnect and stating that’s what you are doing.

Everything is created through your intention.

The deeper you go in the practices, the more magic you open yourself to. The more you learn to change your vibration and replacing the low feelings with the high ones, the more you will experience a joyful existence regardless of the $hi+ flying around in this atmosphere.

But if you don’t have the time or space in the moment, the GO TO is asking spirit to disconnect your energy from everything that blocks you from experiencing the joyfulness of your life.

BE Love. BE Beautiful.

Until Next time.

Love, NElise.


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