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How To build or build back our connection to spirit...

It is true, whether you know it or believe it or not, we ALL come here with the ability to connect with the Ethereal home base that we came from.

I have found, as a natural skeptic, AND full-blown believer in the Spirit, from the mountains worth of evidence and experiences I’ve had since childhood, that life is just so much sweeter and rewarding when you believe, reconnect, and stop rebelling against what our soul knows to be true…I mean, because, why not?

However, through many disappointments with life and humanity, I’ve often been super angry and hurt by my spirit family, and that’s when I become the biggest skeptic. Many times, asking them why they are letting earth fall into hell. And why humans are so miserable. Somehow, I manage to blame them, because it’s easier than being mad at every human on the planet.

But Truth is, they oversee and then Fix. Yes, sometimes they orchestrate, but they tell me they mainly watch, and then turn around the messes caused by us, and make it into something beautiful when we decide the chaos is no longer fun.

But until I wake up to my chaos, I No longer want any part of what they show me, say to me, and flash to me. I’m like a tantruming child with my fingers in my ears. When I become petulant for too long, then I’m crying “where are you!?” “I’m sorry!” “I don’t feel magical anymore, come back.”

They went nowhere. Spirit. Never. Goes Anywhere.

God and our spirit team literally are there the moment we return our consciousness to them.

As a human, who needs drama and action to fuel my happiness, I must admit, even when I’ve been connected to them, sometimes the sparkling magic feeling goes away, and I’m like “Is this real? Or did I just make it up?” “See you didn’t flicker the lights this time, you’re not really there.”

I’m guilty of having every moment possible with spirit- to test them- test me- to test my connection- to prove it. And guess what, they don’t always do what I want, but they show up EVERYTIME I need.

The radical acceptance they have of all my antics is why I will forever believe and set my skeptical nature aside. And return home.

So how do we do it? How do we believe? Connect? Return?

#1. Willingness- Amazing things begin to unfold the moment you return your attention to the desire to BE back with spirit.

#2. Curiosity- It’s okay to be skeptical. It’s natural. But being curious and courageous enough to explore what you don’t comprehend or understand is a great key to unlocking the doors of realms you never knew existed. Imagine being an explorer. Simply saying I believe, take me somewhere. (Take me to the good places- we can’t be going anywhere) Then just be OPEN to seeing, feeling, hearing, sensing… without judgement or disbelief.

How many times have you said… “Did I just_________ that?” and then say “Nahhh”

Well, don’t do that.

Believe. The likelihood is, if you think you did, You Did.

#3. Practice Communicating with them- Think of being with Spirit like meeting a new friend. First, the meeting might be formal. “Hi there, I’m______.” (like they don’t already know) The point is, it may feel awkward at first. And that’s perfectly well! If you knew how happy they are just knowing you came, you would understand unconditional love differently. Spirit knows YOU, and WELL. Better than you know you. So, get to know THEM. Ask questions, ask them to show you something. Ask them to help you know them.

AND BE OPEN to what comes after…

#4. Pay attention to your dreams or the hours in which you start waking up- Pay attention to the new or strange ways they may start communicating with you. We all have a particular way that is easier than other ways for them to communicate. Some people see shadows, figures, light changes, sparks of light, blurry vision. etc. Some people will feel them, you may get cold, the hairs on your arm may stand up, you may just FEEL like someone is behind you, beside you, near you. You may Hear them, creaking on the steps, taps on the wall, songs may start playing in your head for no reason. You may hear your name being called as you fall asleep or wake up, or think you hear someone you love talking to you. Some may even smell a particular scent that isn’t actually in the space.

As your senses begin to slow down become less heightened such as late at night or early in the morning, you may find that’s when you receive the most communication.

#5. Practice again and again and again & keep it positive- There are a million practices that help us open up and strengthen our connection to raise our vibration. Check out my articles on Connection Practices.

Connecting with the spirit is like a meeting of the souls. We must raise our vibration and they lower theirs. The more time and energy we put into keeping our vibration high, the easier it is to connect with them. Joy, fun, excitement are all vibrations that spirit can interact with easily. Let’s just say the spirit is a fan of extremes. High Vibes attract and so do low vibes. Mediocre and half @$$ed vibes, will get you a mediocre experience or none at all.

 If you want to keep your experiences positive and magical- Pray, ask for only high vibrational spirits to connect with you, listen to music you love, dance, be like a child who is excited to see their friend. And only the best experiences will come. On the contrary, when you focus on fear, anger, and any unpleasant emotion, lower frequencies will be ready to play also. When you feel bad, you can still come to Spirit, go with the intention of goodness helping you and supporting your emotions. The spirits you interact with will ALWAYS be of love, if you experience differently, disconnect. And Clear. Check out my articles on Clearing.

Enjoy your journey to reconnection- or to connecting for the very first time!

I love to hear your experiences and help with clarifications as I can. Leave me comments or questions and I’d love to address them!

BE Love. BE Beautiful.

Love, NElise

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