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Soul Mate vs. Suitable Mate...The waiting game. Channeled by God

Written Friday, May 15, 2015

Soul Mate vs. Suitable Mate... the waiting game

Hi God! :) SO, I received a question that I want you to shed your light and awesome wisdom on. :) It is about finding a soul mate vs. choosing a suitable mate. This particular individual feels like he may have cheated himself in the way of relationships because he is waiting on his soul mate. He has had suitable relationships in the past but currently has his mind sole focused on finding his soul mate. By choosing this could he be at risk for spending his life alone? What would you tell him? Hello, My dear girl. Thank you for coming on behalf of this wonderful soul. This is by far a most excellent question. Suitable mate vs. Soul mate, and what is the result of waiting until you find your soul mate? I will begin by addressing the questioner . . . My son. Thank you for your question. Thank you for your willingness, thank you for your openness to receiving my guidance as it pertains to this situation. Soul mate vs. Suitable mate. This is what I wish to address, first. And in doing so, I must clarify and give great distinction to what a ROMANTIC soul mate is and what they come to add in your life. I say Romantic soul mate because you may have more than One. Also known as Soul connection--Soul partner-- and Yet, you only have one ROMANTIC soul mate. It is true that often romantic soul mates may or may never come together to reach a successful relationship. WHY you may ask? Why would romantic soul mates not end successfully? Because, as human beings, you have free will. As human beings, until awakening or spiritual expansion is reached, you are designed to have limited to no conscious recollection of your first home (the spirit world, heaven). Because of this, one romantic soul may be evolved spiritually to recognize the connection and all that the relationship is meant to be--however, if the other romantic soul is not spiritually aware, the two souls may not be on the same page. This will cause difficulties in the relationship and inevitably cause it to fail. A romantic soul mate comes to bring the highest spiritual connection in mind, body, and PURPOSE. Notice how I highlighted the word purpose. The greatest distinction between a soul connection or suitable mate and Soul mate is the work they have come to do spiritually. Together. If the relationship is not about the highest spiritual work that the two are meant to do together, romantic soul mates may not be needed or successful which is why we have SOUL CONNECTIONS. For instance, if your romantic soul mates potential is Not being reached, causing the relationship to fall apart--your story is NOT over. Your romantic life does not end forever. I, as God, always have back up plans, as many of my earthly children often make choices that do not serve their highest purpose. YET, I would not have another one of My children suffer or lack because of it. Plan B, C, D, and even E may come into effect. You may do your God work without your romantic soul mate and have life long happiness with a soul connection. As spiritual beings, you are ALL connected. However, soul connections are linked to those you have known in past lives. There is an undeniable connection that can feel like romance because of an intense familiarity and comfort with this person. And often this can lead to romance which ends with the greatest and highest expression of love in the physical world. Which human partner this soul connection shows up in may be a matter of logistics. This is why you should NEVER deny yourself the ability to connect and love someone because they may or may not be your romantic soul mate. By being in search of only one thing, you limit your possibility of being with your soul connection--you may even miss your soul mate due to the fact that she may show up in a way that you may not be expecting. So I leave you with this... Love. Be open to however love comes. By putting Limitations on yourself, you are closing yourself off to true love and happiness with anyone. The moment you choose not to control who, what, when, and how your soul relationship comes--you open yourself up to the relationship coming to you. FEEL with your HEART. NOT with your head. No relationship is a mistake. Trust Me, God, that I know the desires of your heart. AND when you put trust in Me, I lead you to who is mean for you. You will not miss out on anything I have for you if you remain open to all soul experiences. Be Well. -God.

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