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How to have Patience: Blended family, child excuses, & stupid Co- workers- Channeled by God.

Friday, May 15, 2015 How to have Patience: Blended family, child excuses, Stupid co-workers! Hi God, I received a few questions from a woman who wants to know how to practice patience when blending a family. How to show love and patience to a child who makes excuses, and how she can show love to stupid people in the work place. :) What would you tell her? Hello daughter and thank you for coming to seek answers on behalf of another one of My beautiful souls. I will take these questions in part. #1 How to practice patience when blending a family. Excellent question, My dear. Blending a family many times can be an arduous and challenging time. Yet, at the same time, the experience is exciting, adventurous, and nerve racking. There are so many moments that are bitter sweet throughout the process. In order to practice patience, the mind must become convinced that regardless of any unpleasant emotions you may feel, it must be convinced that blending the family is a GOOD thing. That your decision is in fact what you truly want. When you make this the focus, you will find patience. In THIS specific case, she is not 100% convinced that this IS the best choice for her life. NOT because love is missing. Because fear is arising for her. Fear of changing her life so drastically. Fear of if the TIMING is correct. FEAR. Fear leads to questioning the certainty of what she thinks she wants. Her fear shows EVIDENCE in the form of impatience--frustration--confusion. This is what she must do. My dearest child, First, I wish you to breathe. I want you to do this exercise when you are alone. When your child is asleep or not with you. BE ALONE. When you are alone, I want you to write these questions:

  • Is this what I want? (To blend your family)

  • What do I feel when I think about moving and blending my family?

  • Can I be what my partner needs?

Answer these questions QUICKLY and WITHOUT much thought. If you do not put much thought into it, your spirit will give you the truth of how you TRULY feel. When you get clear on what your fear is, you can confront it and replace it with the truth, therefore creating peace of mind and patience for what it takes to blend your family. #2 As far as a child that makes excuses--It is NORMAL of a child, Each and every one. It is not the child you have impatience for--it is not his excuses you have no patience for. If it were the child, you would simply laugh at how creative the child is in trying to get out of different situations and believing these excuses are acceptable. The real issue at hand goes back to your inner patience. The child is simply a mirror of you. All children are mirrors for the "flaws" and "make wrongs" of their parents. It is designed this way by Me, God, on purpose. For your own growth and healing. Look at the common denominator of your challenges. In your case, the common denominator is PATIENCE. Therefore, it is really telling that your greatest are of needed healing is patience which equals compassion for YOURSELF. Until you get it, you will continue to attract only situations and people that push this button within you so that you can heal it. The same goes for question #3 of How to deal and have love with "stupid" co-workers. In fact, they are not stupid. ALTHOUGH, they show up that way for you so that you may see what you truly feel about YOU. You may not actively walk around saying " I am stupid," but this is a fact that you feel within... which is why other people come off as "stupid." Each relationship you have is a reflection of who you are, what your attracting, and where you are going in your life. LEARN THE LESSON. I will leave you with this... YOU ARE NOT stupid. Your choices have NEVER been stupid. Nor were you stupid for making them. Your mind has convinced you that YOU are stupid for all the choices you have made and all the thing you allowed to happen in your life. And you are left having to "fix" YOUR "stupid choices" which you have little "patience" for. And NOW this is the energy you are carrying into the future. Fear of making another "stupid" choice. It is not stupid. You have much love to give and offer everyone in your life. But, you must work on giving it to yourself, first! Patience for yourself. Love for yourself. And letting go all of the past go. Be well for now. I love you. -God

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