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The Casualties of being fabulous and Loving YOU! Channeled by Izzy

written June 9th, 2015

Hello Darling, Nicole, and all of our readers. Izzy Speaking. I am most excited about this experience here today as I have LOTS to say. Lots to say on the casualties of being fabulous and loving YOU! Now you may be wondering, what in the world that means? Well, I am here to tell you. Many times, when our beautiful human beings choose to live a life that is wonderful, fabulous, self aware, fully present, concious, and self expressed, you will encounter HATERS. You will encounter dreadful experiences from those who once Loved you. They Loved you until you started to Love Yourself More! When you start to smell the roses of your own wonderful being, those who do not rise with you, will fall away from you. And let's be clear, they do NOT fall easily, My Sweeties. They go down hard, and they go out with a bang. They try to make as much noise and as much commotion, giving you as much guilt as you can possibly take, and that they can give. If you are not surrounded by like minded beings, they higher you try to fly, the harder those you used to "roll with" will try to keep you at their level. Fight hard against the ankle weights of relationships that no longer serve you! Do you know you were created to be fabulous? Prosperous? Abundant? RICH? In every sense of the word... Probably not, But if you don't know, now you know. If you did know, there is always MORE for you to learn. Spiritual growth, LOVE of self, Love in every form, Fabulousness, Greatness, Wisdom...the whole sha bang.. It NEVER plateaus. Not until you are released of that human body and return to the spirit, will your growth and the measurment of how much you are capable of loving, creating, and being, will ever plateau. And when you finally return to the spirit.. You will still grow. We learn forever. But not to get distracted, Casualty.. I am talking about those you will lose...those who will be hurt... those who will want to keep you small, those who will try and devower your reputation, confidence, self esteem, and steal your dream because they can't stand that you are doing better than they are. Well, word to the wise, my beautiful God souls, You came here to stand apart from the crowd, in order to teach the crowd, if the crowd is anyway less than a reflection of who, what , where and when you are trying to create the BEST life EVER. Being amazing, fabulous, self aware, confident, is NOT a crime. Only those who think you are full of yourself because they have not reached the peak of being full of themselves will have a problem with you. The moment they have something worth being full of themselves about, they will stop hating on you. It is not their fault, it is simply the way life works. " Birds of a feather, flock together." There is a reason they have sayings like this... " Miserly loves company."... Sayings like this did not just FALL from the sky, My sweeties. They were created as a guide, a guide to show you from the CREATORS of those fabulous sayings experience... The experience of What happens when you try to fly higher than the crowd you were born into, adapted to, whatever. Do not allow Misery, small minded, cynical, bitter, No dream having, human beings to keep you from what you were natually designed to have and BE. FABULOUS. To LOVE the HELL out of yourself...literally... And to LOVE the HELL out of others... literally. Human beings, especially today, carry Demons. Big Demons. Metaphrorically...AND Literally. The world is a terrible state, althought there is a great shift happening. We need concious, FABULOUS, Loving yourself so much that you can love the world because nothing keeps you from your ecstacy and pure light and joy kind of people. We NEED You! we need you to wake up, Be fabulous, love yourself, so you can PLEASE love all these sleeping, loveless, unaware that they are SO loved, people. Don't get stuck being a casualty to your own life. Those you lose in the battle of Loving Yourself and changing your life is temporary. It does not have to be permanent! As you become fabulous and live the life of your dreams... ONE of Two things happen... 1) Those who wanted to keep you down will see that they couldn't, see that you made it, and be INFLUENCED by what you were able to accomplish... and then want to seek you out to assist in changing their lives because they can now see it IS really possible for someone who was "just like them." OR 2) They will be so blinded by pity and jealousy that they will still stay haters AND in that case, Pray for them, wish them goodness, and keep on with your merry, fabulous, loving self. That is all for Now. Toodles, My fabulous human beings, and sweet loving souls! BE Love. BE Beautiful. Love, IZZY as channeled by my fabulous human, NELISE! xoxo

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