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Blossom where you're Planted

written August 12th, 2015

Hello My Lovelies! Izzy speaking. Coming to you about blossoming where you're Planted. Whether your planted temporarily, permanently (or so you think), long term... whether it was wanted, unwanted, wanted and became unwanted, blossom where you're planted. Life doesn't stop--your life doesn't stop when you are in a season of being planted somewhere that does not seem ideal. It has a purpose. And my sugar dumplings, the purpose is not typically just for you, as a matter of fact, it is almost never just for you. Your life will become vibrant and lively when you give. Give back to more than the people you spend your everyday with. You want to sprout, grow, feel enriched in your everyday? You want to blossom and grow and make a difference in the world? Extend your light to someone or something outside of your everyday interactions. This is how you blossom where you're planted. This is how you become unstuck in the place you think you don't belong. If you're there, you belong, even if its for five minutes. Make the best of your 5 minutes. Be enriched and enrich others. In doing so, you blossom, you grow, you feel good, and you make unexpected friendships with those you otherwise would not have by sulking and being miserable. Everyday ask yourself, Did I enrich and enlighten someone unexpected? How did I feel doing that?Blossom where you're planted and in doing so, where you are going to will come faster than you could ever imagine. Toodles, Dolls. love Izzy

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