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Your Custom Designs for Precious & Semi- Prescious Creations
*specializing in designs for events, photoshoots, & Print Work*

Not your ordinary creations, your customs designs created by NElise, are truly out of this world. Designs by NElise are created to adorn your outside while activating & illuminating the beauty inside. Blending her love for spirituality & Energy work, her creations have become a masterpiece of inspired Art for all she creates for.  NElise creates custom pieces for clients all around the world from Paris to NY. Her designs are used for specialized photoshoots, fashion shows, & custom designs to pair with attire for exclusive events.

NElise believes anything of greatness is first created beyond the physical understanding in order to create an unforgettable feeling & unique masterpiece for her clients.

" I think what makes me unique is my ability to connect to the energy, feelings, and desires people have, that they may not even be aware of, in order to know what they truly want to embody when wearing my pieces for their occasion. They always get way more than they bargained for. My pieces have a way of speaking to their soul and bringing out an untapped part of them that has them feel more confidence than they started with. And for me, that's the real beauty."


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