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Confessions Of NElise: Perfectionism (all the lies)

Confessions of NElise: Perfectionism! (all the lies!)

written August 23rd, 2016

Below is the assignment God gave me to do to go to work on healing myself. All the things that keep me from moving forwards on the path of Unconditional Love and light. All the things that would keep me from having authentic, self expressed relationships. The things that would keep me from loving totally and completely and receiving that love in return. I am COMMITTED to doing the work for myself. In doing so, I it will affect those I love in return. I am committed in seeing all my fragile parts and making them stronger. If you can't clearly read my work, this is how you do the assignment: Whatever you struggle with, whatever hurts your feelings... WRITE IT IN THE CENTER OF THE PAGE (EX: Mine says- Lies of my Perfectionism) Then ALLOW yourself to see WHY you are a perfectionist...(or whatever your topic is) (EX: My imperfection stems from the past... Not feeling good enough, being misunderstood, the desire to be liked, needing to look good to others, etc) THEN, after you have written everything that comes up for you... CENTER WHAT PERFECTIONISM (or your topic) LEADS you to or has led you to. (EX; perfectionism leads to: fake relationships, comparing myself to others, procrastination, trust issues with myself and other, suppression of self, lack of self expression, unrealistic expectations of myself and others...etc) LAST BUT NOT LEAST: On a new piece of paper CENTER "THE TRUTH ABOUT ME" Then start expressing WHO YOU REALLY ARE, YOUR TRUTH...the"imperfections" that make you who you are...(that you really need to love about you) (EX: The truth about me... I'm goofy, I love hard, I'm smart, I have ADD, I'm a paradox, I'm dramatic and entertaining, I learn differently, I'm odd and out of the box, I'm a giver, and so on...) THEN START LOVING YOU! From where you Are...and you'll soon be where you want to be.

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