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Ending a romantic relationship: How to know when it's time to let go! Channeled by God.

written May 14th, 2015

Hi God. :) I received a question asking: "How does one know when it's time to end a romantic relationship?" How would you answer this? This is an excellent question. The greatest answer to this question, My dear, is this. . . It is time to end the relationship when the relationship is no longer causing one to evolve and grow. When the relationship becomes stagnant. Many times we stay in relationships due to many factors. Whether it be history, a hope that things will get better, or your own feelings of needing to stay committed. The list goes on. However, I will give you what to do. When you have to ask yourself if it is time to end a relationship there is already a feeling that you should. When you have thoughts of ending a relationship the next question becomes WHY are you questioning this? EXAMPLES of an answer would be: "My partner makes me angry." "I feel this relationship is not going anywhere." " I was only with this person because I was tired of being single and I realized this person is really not what I want." "I can't be what this person needs as it is not fair to what my needs are in the relationship." "I met someone else that I feel is better suited, but I am in this relationship and feel terrible for wanting to move on." REGARDLESS of what reasoning you have, if you are unhappy, if they are causing you harm, if you are not your best self being in relationship with this person, It is time to end the relationship if you are not in a marriage or have children with this person. I say this simply because when you add these factors into your decision, it becomes much more difficult and you must look at your relationship on a different scale. As in HOW to deal with it. However, since this question is broad in its generalization, I will address the questionee as "unmarried." Most think relationships need to end on a "sour" note so that the EVIDENCE solidifies the decision they already feel they need to make. The moment your mind begins to feel that a relationship should end, for whatever reason, evidence begins to manifest the longer you stay. Arguments become more frequent, misunderstanding is an often occurance. Do yourself a favor. Trust your intuition, the first time. Ask yourself: Am I feeling happy in this relationship? Feeling is the foundation of where the mind begins to decide its course of action. Ask yourself: More than not, is this relationship supporting me in the development of who I want to be in the world, or causing me to stay at their level? Ask yourself: Is this relationship draining me or rejuvenating me? Ask yourself: Is this relationship the best I can do and best for all of those affected in my relationship with this person. Lastly, ask yourself: If I walk out of this relationship, will I feel better? Through the evaluation of your answers, you will have a clearer understanding of what you truly want. Without the excuses of should or should I not stay. Spirit and intuition guide you into what best serves your life and purpose. Relationships should never end badly. If they do, it is because you stayed too long in what you intuitively knew you should not have. Make your decision to and a relationship from an empowered stand point that honors you and the one you are in relationship with. By staying in what you know you should not, too long, hinders what is meant for your life and the life of your partner. Be well for now.

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