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When love hurts, is it really "love?"

written January 19th, 2016

Izzy, darling! Hellooo, Sugar baby! How are we? "We" are well. :) What's on the blog list today? Hmm. "When love hurts, is it really love?" Interesting! Indeed. So... let's begin! Good day, My sweet daffodils, my dandelions, my sweet beings of Divine human light, hehe. Izzy speaking! Finally. Once again, because my human finally got with the work program :) I love you, NElise but for real, I'm glad to be heard again and not just in that pretty little head of yours. Our gifts need to be shared. Love needs to soar and if you are our vessel, you can't stay bottled up. We have LOVE to share and create. Now, today's topic is "When Love Hurts, Is It Really Love?" Well, My sweet beings, NO! When it hurts, it's not love. The end. heheh. Well that was a short blog... Okay, okay. I will elaborate. Love, unconditional L.O.V.E. does not hurt. Ego hurts. Pride hurts. The mind hurts and causes pain and suffering but LOVE does not. It uplifts, brings life, supports, enriches and considers the other...all that good stuff. Now, if you are experiencing hurt in a relationship, does that mean this person does not "love" you? Absolutely not. It does not mean that. HOWEVER, it does mean that this person or persons "idea of love" is in some way immature. They can only love from the level of which they function from. They can only love from their level of growth and experience. This is not wrong. It may just not be right...for you. Love is vast, expansive, it transcends logic, and sometimes for humans--common sense. Love's journey is just that...a journey. There is no right or wrong way for a particular human being to experience love. Inevitably , human beings will suffer so long that their journey one day smacks them across the face and says "I've had enough." Until then, we can't blame "Love" for hurting. It doesn't. You hurt you by accepting what doesn't sit right within your soul. For putting up with something that is not right for your highest good. Just as the yin and yang...the light and the dark...aka: contrast. Aka: your life needs balance to create gratitude and does your love journey. It doesn't come to hurt you. However, until you know, embrace, accept, and love will teach you somethings. It will teach you hard lessons until you recognize what love is truly trying to teach you. That is to love YOU unconditionally. Love will teach you what you don't want to experience until you learn what you do. So then and only then can you experience the full effects of the unconditional love you truly deserve. And Humans! Don't get me wrong! Although love absolutely DOES NOT HURT, It CHALLENGES! Love lifts you up. It supports and requires you to rise to new levels of greatness. Sometimes, when the mind and ego get in the way, it can seem painful. However, it is a different pain. It is a stretching, a shredding of the "old" you and a rebirth of a "new," more experienced and wiser you, which will bring new people and new relationships that lovingly support and challenge you to be great. Any other version of "hurt" is unacceptable. Love Rises. Love is infinitely loving and supportive, creating a beautiful, fabulous YOU. Tah Darlings! LOVE YOU, Izzy! BE Love.BE Beautiful.

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