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Broken Relationships vs. Whole and Complete Relationships... Channeled from Izzy!

written May 28th, 2015

Izzy!! I have a question... I want to have clearer understanding about what unconditional love and relationships is supposed to look like. When you have two people who are self aware...have all the spiritual tools, whole...etc. Can two "broken" people be in successful relationship...? Do you get what I'm saying?... Duh! Of course I understand what you are saying. I'm spirit. I know everything. well, almost everything... as much as God wants us to know about you humans, and yet...the "truths" I know everything about. And because you are mine... heheh... well, My human, I know exactly what you are trying to say, even when you don't know how to clearly articulate what you are trying to say hehe.. I have an inside look to how that beautiful brain of yours turns... Broken relationships vs. Whole and complete relationships... Yes! LOL, silly girl. Silly fairy. Why Yes, I am. So... to be completely honest. Yes, you can have two "broken" people in a successful relationship. Yet, successful is relative. Success has different meanings to different people. Yet what you speak of is when each individual is self loving. When you love yourself first, you are better in loving another. Yet, the term "broken" truly means unhealed... which causes difficulties in relationships... when one or both people carry bagage from their pain... This makes relationships more challenging and yet the difference in the Self Love vs Broken... is the ability to get through those challenges together. Seeing the big picture of why you are the way you are. A human being is never going to be completely "healed" Healing is like God says, a revolving door. You heal one area and another area comes to be healed. Self love gives you patience, understanding, compassion, and awareness for the "broken" areas. You embrace the "broken" areas.. when you do this you have the ability to love yourself as a whole... not making yourself wrong or someone else wrong for you becoming "broken". You with me? Yes. Good. So, when you have two people who are whole and complete.. it simply means these individuals have the ability to work through their pain and issues with a wider telescope. They see how and why they behave in a particular way and they don't degrade, beat up, or astrasize each other... they have patience, kindness, and unconditional love to work through challenges together. And when you have this type of a relationship, you don't see "problems" you see challenges needing to be overcome. You don't have the typical "Bad relationship" type problems... such as pointless fights with no solution... cheating because of low self esteem and attention seeking... no phsycial or mental abuse... etc. You have what is healthy disagreements... which typically end with some sort of compromise... there are no "deal breakers." Typically. Now in a relationship that is not based on self love first... you have two "broken" people who are completely unaware that anything is wrong with them. So the blame game is real, lol. Fights with no solution. Seeing the others side and perspective to come up with an equal compromise is rare. Each person is filled with expactations of another. They have an idea of what a romantic partner is suppose to "fill" for them and when expecations are broken, the relationship takes a ugly, ugly turn. So in all actuality.. it is better to have a "whole and complete" relationship... simply meaning... a foundation of Self Love. When you have a foundation of Self love... When you know who you are and what you want out of life, you attract only those that support that within you... you will not settle for someone who you have to school... teach... raise up like a baby... you will attract some equal or even greater than you. When you are "broken" in the sense that you do not have unconditional self love first. You simply try to do the best you can for another... meanwhile trying to cerebrally work your way through your own garbage... or expecting someone to fill the void that was missing in your last unfortunate relationship. So, with that... Spirit is a great encourager of SELF LOVE... FIRST! It is less painful... We want you to attract what you deserve... and anything less than total unconditional love for who you are... will only attract someone who treats you less than you truly are and know yourself to be. And you won't even be aware that you are getting the short end of the stick until you are sick and tired of being in pain... crying... "why do I keep choosing_____________" ... you fill in the blank. You are perfect... everyone of you human beings are amazing and beautiful... so treat yourself like it! xoxoxo Love ya! Izzy!

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