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It's important to know how loved by God and Spirit you truly are... And you will never know, if you try to bring everything to light and pretend the dark within doesn't exist....

I created Confessions of NElise for Burnt out light workers like myself. Trying to save and heal the world, while at the same time forgetting, we need rescue sometimes to...
the retrograde
Spirit taught me the most difficult yet valuable and important lesson of all...Be Authentic to my heart and soul FIRST, then everyone else.
I've met so many lightworkers who carry the pain and weight of having a wide open heart that wants to help everyone, yet can't help themselves... it's not suppose to be like that. The more we tell the truth about the journey, the more others will realize the soul journey is NOT about perfection... It is NOT about being ALL light. It is About learning to embrace our whole self which encompasses the dark as well. It's about learning to love ourselves and love others from our overflow. It's about learning to laugh and enjoy our journey, healing the parts that hurt, while not creating our identity around it. It's about letting go, creating, rebuilding, and letting our heart lead. it's about being Human... and knowing we can choose to seek the light in the dark because our first family in Spirit, never left us alone to figure it out.
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