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Love is who you are.

Ecstasy is what you deserve.

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Meet NElise 

Metaphysical Healer. Spirit Channeler & Love Coach.

Author & Speaker.

I Am NElise, and I want to share some certain truths about being connected to me.

 I Am going to change your life. Period. Even if you think your life doesn't need changing, it will. I activate parts of your mind, heart, and soul that you're not even aware of, but God is. I'm used by God & Spirit to Be a vessel of activation in people's lives, & it either results in exodus or the breakthrough of your most incredible Self.

This journey isn't for the faint of heart or the stagnant, settled, & boring. This journey is for the hungry- the passionate- those who believe in MORE & desire every drop of magic this life can offer you.

If you're not ready to elevate, transform, grow, learn to LOVE & be loved, manifest, and crack open your heart & soul in ways you didn't even know existed within you, I'm not the one you want to see.


Like it or love it, my mantle in life is love- through the awakening of our spirit & connection to The Spirit. Why? So this life you live can be amplified, magnified, and filled with the beauty, magic, luxury, & juicy glory that you deserve to experience. Especially in your personal relationships & ability to connect to the orgasmic energy of Your life.


Through my connection with Spirit, I am going the introduce you to the depths of your soul & heart's capacity to craft & co- create the exact life you want to live.

I AM your friend, your coach, your cheerleader, and your shoulder to lean on. I am your sacred space to BE- & as with any Great relationship, I won't tolerate any excuses for you being less than extraordinary so be prepared to SHOW UP fully for yourself.  

As your coach, I'll ride with you until the wheels fall off & then we'll upgrade to the next luxury vehicle lol... 

This journey is so much more fun with partnership & support.

Let's go together...

Love, NElise





What is your message from Spirit?

78 Channeled message to awaken your heart, mind, and Spirit. 

Get the direction you've needed!


From My Blog

I'm a firm believer that no matter the life you've lived, there is magic in your journey. That every experience you've overcome in your life is a Divine Testimony. I love to share my stories & hear yours so that you have a relatable voice reminding you you're never alone.

In my blogs, you will find a mixed bag of magic from my personal life lessons with spirit, channeled messaged from My Spirit Family, & Q&A's from those of you who email me!

Enjoy. XOXO.



Weekly Love Note

What step will you take this week, that will change your life,and create a new path towards the life of your greatest desires?

One small step a day will change the trajectory of your life. You were birthed with gifts, talents, and an unforgettable personality to make a difference in this world. Forget what any one every told you about what you can or cannot do. You can do all of it, experience all of it, and will receive all of it when you invest in YOU and what you desire to share with the world. All you may need is a little direction and guidance. Are you willing to change your life? I'd love to support you. Reach out and begin your journey with me.