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Bad relationships By Izzy, my fairy love guide.

written May 28th, 2015

Izzy Darling, it has been a long time. Well, a week really, but I am back. Time to really get focused now that everything has been established in creating the website. Thank you and God for your assistance in the creation. What would you like to talk about today, we know you always have some lovely thing to say... AHH, Darling, yes, hello! I alllways have something LOVE-ly to say. I want to talk about bad relationships today! I chose this because it seems to be the theme in the atomosphere. Ugh, my poor humans. Although you are remarkable in your existance, that pesky mind of yours sometimes allows you humans to do and put up with the most ridiculous things. hehe. But we love you anyway. But as I am the LOVE guide, I am going to help you. And as We fairies have a bit more ego than the head honcho, God, yet we are all about Love and kindness and goodness... our ego is only good. We are brutally honest, extremely Real, and only want to help you. So this is for my ladies...and men too, but women tend to love my advice more.. this is about BAD realationships... Now in the world of God, as God sees both sides of the spectrum, things are just "what is"...God does not like many things and yet he understands why people do what they do, say what they say, and he is eternally forgiving and compassionate to all parties.. Us spiritual guides, we clearly see when things are just not right and although we "understand" as well, we help you humans to move ON...God does too, just using a different approach. My approach is to just be completely real in the way human beings can best understand what I am saying. Bad Relationships... GET OUT OF THEM. Period. You know when things are good and you know when thing are bad... My darlings, move on. Treat yourself better. I have a great philosophy and that is... Love Me, until the end of time. Love Me. Love Me. Love Me. Now that seems simple, I know. But for you cerebral humans, it is not. You want someone to Love You. Now Love ME. Means You... Love yourself. Until this comes into full affect, you will always be looking for someone to LOVE YOU in a way that you have never felt before. The search for love becomes a dreadful process...Love exists within you. It is not outside of really you are searching for something that needs no search. Just awareness and discovery. When you are in a BAD relationship, you know its bad, you simply hope something will "change." You stick around because in MOMENTS you see the person you fell in love with. Well, the majority of the time you are seeing the person who was actively trying to get the prize. (You as the prize) Get out. You are worth more than a bad relationship based on moments, history, or what he or she can do for you, that replaces the "bad" Money.. you know money and security is why many of my darling humans stay in bad relationships. Sweeping their ugly moments under the rug... The problem my sweeties with this is that you clearly don't have self esteem. And for many in a relationship, this is the greatest, grandest problem in existance. Because women who stand for nothing will fall for everything... and the women who have smarts, yet little self esteem, will know their men are no good for them and play their men like a fiddle, meanwhile sweeping garbage under the rug, because of what "they get" by holding on to the relationship...heheh. And yet this still takes detrimental chunks out of their natural light because we all know.. no amount of money or things should keep you in a pitiful relationship. Of course, what runs in the mind of my beautiful humans is fear. Fear that they will ruin their family, fear that they cant financial support themselves, fear that their comfortable life will become uncomfortable therefor forcing them to have to work harder, fear that they are too old, too unattractive... too afriad that a new relationship will be too much work. Uhh the list goes ooon... Listen My sweeties. Have self worth. Have self esteem. And do not allow that self esteem and self worth to be bought. It's not worth your light. Its not worth years of sweeping garbage under the rug on a hope and a prayer or a brand new purse. God doesnt want this for you and neither do I... And neither would anyone who loves YOU! Really Loves You! God created you to be fabulous. Beautiful. Strong. A role model. Would you want your daughters to be treated by a man the way that you are treated by one? Would you want your sons to be the man you are with? If the answer is No... RUN. Go. Leave. You will make it without that human being. Find a better human being. The game of life teaches you many lessons and the most repetitive one is human beings trying to find Love with no clue how to love yourself. And Darlings, if you are one of those women in denial that says "I do love myself" Yet you are STILL in a bad relationship... or keeps Picking up Bad relationships... You don't..YET. No amount of selfies, or quotes stating " I'm waiting for the one who loves my brokeness. Take me as I am" is you loving yourself. It is a fascade of happiness that you are trying to convince yourself of My sweeties. We dont want the fascade ...we want it to be REAL. And the way the world knows its real.. the way YOU know its real, is when the pattern of men you choose, and the pattern of relationships you choose, no longer shows what pitiful, bad, selfish thing that man (hey or woman) did to you. Because what we all want to know is...WHY you keep going back to him then. Do you like Pain? Wake it up, My sweeties. The amount of love that God and Spirit has for you is immeasurable. We see your worth, we want you to move on. And LOVE YOU. LOVE YOU until you are sick of your own fabulousness, heheh. Until you make other people sick of your fabulousness... not sad for your pitiful relationship. You don't need sympathy, you need a swift kick in that precious booty. Raise your vibration and attract what you deserve. Love you, My beautifuls. BE Love. Be Beautiful. Love Izzy... channeled by that beautiful human, NElise. check it out!

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