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In the world of God and spirit, we are all one. We are sent to love, honor, respect, and teach. To be for each other, as God is for us. Here, you are invited in as friends and loved as family. . .Unconditionally accepted for all that you are and all that you're "not". 

Love, NElise

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Hi everyone! I'm NElise.
I'm an intuitive life coach specializing in love & relationships, spiritual awakening, and teen social challenges for many years.
I'm an author, jewelry designer, & creative being in so many more ways.
Love NElise was created because of my soul's mission to bring LOVE back into the forefront of humanity. Through my gifts of hearing God & Spirit, energy work, and spiritual visions, I've come to assist you in total heart transformation so that you may attract, receive, and BE the love you deserve and manifest dreams greater than you've ever imagined.

BE Love. BE Beautiful.™

Love, NElise