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Stagnant Energy- Flow Of Love Channeled Message from IZZY

Written October 12th, 2015

Izzy!!! NElise!! What is this stagnant energy flow of love business? Good question, Darling! Stagnant- "Showing no activity; dull and sluggish." Hehe, I thought i'd start with the definition so everyone is completely familiar with the word. "Stagnant" is the theme for this month, my dear NElise, as you are currently familiar with what this period looks like. :) So today, I'm talking about the stagnant energy flow of love. As you can imagine, this is when love energy is showing no activity. It's dull. Sluggish. And for some, DEAD. This is not just romantic love but love in general. ALLLLL aspects of the word "love." You may wonder how this happens? How love energy just shuts down and REFUSES to resurface in your life? You may wonder what it looks like to be without love energy? Well my darlings, it shows up in unhappy, bitter, jaded, heartbroken and left for angry human beings. It may even show up subtly depending on how long stagnant energy has been occurring. We need to not focus on matters that make no difference, if you even THINK momentarily that love energy is fading or faded in your current life--If you are even asking could this be me? The answer is unequivocally, undeniably YES. However, since I want to help you beautiful humans soon greatly, I will do this for you... You may be suffering from SLE (stagnant love energy) of you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, hehe:

  • Reoccurring question about love ACTUALLY existing

  • Bitterness

  • Negativity

  • Peripheral haterism

HAHA, Wait, what!? What is Peripheral haterism, Izzy? hehe, you like that? Yes, I made it up. Peripheral haterism: "The act of glaring at someone in a relationship from a side eye position, judging and or hating on why and how they look happy in the kind of relationship you don't have and wish you did." LOL! WOW! Nicely done, Izzy. Hehehe, thank you, Anyway... NEXT...

  • Jealousy

  • Sadness

  • Making untrue comments such as: "I'm done with love. I'm good all by myself, I don't need or want a relationship, I don't want them in my life anyway."

Lord, the list... the list goes on my beautiful HB's. (human beings) OOOh! And another...

  • Worry

  • fear

These are all examples of having or creating stagnant love energy. Now, what do we do about this is the REAL question.

  1. Admit- Admit your version of love had/has messed you up, broke you down, hurt your heart.

  2. THROW A FIT- Yes, do it! Express those emotions. Get 'em out! Re-live that moment with that person, persons, and lastly yourself. Your suppose to only live it once, but human beings don't. They numb it...try to disappear it in the WRONG way... only to relive it again in future relationships about 100,000 more times. So do yourself a favor, this the first time! ;) I say to lastly throw a fit with yourself because at the end of every heart break caused by whoever...there is YOU. Somehow blaming yourself unconsciously or maybe consciously for that fool decision you made to give your heart once again to someone who didn't know what to do with it.

  3. NEXT... Blast some music! Your favorite song. Now, this is where I am completely and totally serious... Skip this step, don't complain about my advice not working. BLAST SOME MUSIC...not disturb the peace or the public loud, but shut out the world, I'm in my zone kind of loud.

  4. Dance. If you have a mirror, look at it while you dance. Get lost. Look as foolish as you want. Dance until the greatest moment in your life is being created by you in that exact moment. Allow yourself to laugh and feel free.


Write down these specific questions and then answer them...The FIRST thought is the only one allowed.

  • What do I need to learn about Love?

  • What beliefs do I have currently that keep me from giving and receiving love unconditionally?

  • What is my love relationship like with myself?

  • What do I tell myself, internally, about love?

  • How can I improve the quality of love I give to myself?

  • What will I commit to ONCE A DAY that promotes loving myself and bringing love to someone else? Even if it's a stranger?

These questions and answers, my dear humans, will give you an inside look at your current relationship with love and perhaps the greatest reason love runs stagnant in your life. By becoming aware and then committing to actively put positive love energy back into your life, FLOW will begin to naturally occur and bring FABULOUS changes into your life. It only takes awareness and commitment to change something that is dying, not thriving. And when it comes to LOVE that is the most important flow that is vital to human survival. Love energy is and should always be the primary focus with any and all human connections. Love saves. Love heals. Love is the breath of life. Love is the heartbeat of humanity. Create Love. BE Love. And Love returns the favor. Tata for now! Bye Beautifuls! Love, IZZY- The fairy love guide.

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