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Fresh Beginnings. Channeled By Izzy, My Spirit Guide

written April 25th, 2015

Hi Izzy, I feel your presence and light flittering about. Thank You for joining me as I begin a new adventure with the Daily Divine Love Channeler. I have to admit I am really bummed that I have to start over after so much hard work went into creating it the first time... Hellllo My sweet, beautiful Human! I know, darling. I know how frightfully dreadful it can be to have to start over. But as We... WE as in God, the heavenly community as you call it... WE know what is best. And my dear, sweet girl, New Beginnings, A fresh start, is what makes the miraculous happen. Count the first run you did, creating the DDLC, the Daily Divine Love Channeler, with US, US as in God and the heavenly community, for those of you who are unfamiliar with what I am speaking about when I say WE, or US...etc. Consider what you did with Us, my dear NElise as a test run. Now all the kinks have been worked out. And we can get this show on the road! UH HUM! For all of you who do not know me, My name is IZZY. I am a Spirit Guide. A fairy Spirit Guide I must have you know. I am truly the LOVE Guide, for my dear human, NElise. I am here to guide her in all areas pertaining to the big L-O-V-E! We are going into the world helping humans connect back to their essence, their God essence through the healing power of love. Love of Self, Love of God and Spirit, Love of the other human beings on the planet, Love in general. Every facet of Love, I cover, as I channel through NElise for You. My other beautiful Human beings. She has another guide as well, however, I am the one you will hear from the most, as I am guiding her into the amazing life work she has come to do to help all of you! And you will hear her Channel GOD, Yes, the head honcho. The greatest, most Loving, all knowing, perfect, I AM. As I said, I cover the sweet love stuff. So I am so glad to get acquainted with ALL of you who will come to see and hear my communication with my Shy, sweet, quiet but bold, NELISE. She and I are more alike than she is aware of, and YET she is starting to come into the knowing of this Divine Truth. She KNOWS but she does not KNOW. You will get to see her Blossom like the beautiful flower I live upon, hehe. So count yourself as lucky to see her growth! You will be surprised at how my sweet butterfly shows up when I am not channeling through her, I am much more flamboyant. And she is much more reserved and quiet, but that will only be for a little longer. Possibly. Well, I have chatted enough now. Go well, my sweet human beings. Take care of yourself. Take care of the beautiful Vessels God has given you. Love, Love, Love. BE Love. BE Beautiful. Love, NElise...and IZZY, the amaaaazing Spiritual Love Guide

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