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Ex In Law Issues.. Channeled By God

written April 26, 2015

Hi God, I need some assistance. At first I wasn't sure If I should put this in my blog for people to see. Then I realized it may be important for people to understand that even I, a spiritual life coach, have very real issues with people, lol. And if it were not for my relationship and connection with You and spirit, I would be a tornado storm in my emotions. So, you already know my issue. I need to release the issue I am having with my grandmother and my ex mother in law. :) Mainly my ex mother in law who I can't help but feel has manipulated my family and uses my grandmothers visits with my kids to speak to them. She continues to go through a third party to talk to them as if I'm not their mother. And my grandma allows it. What really gets me is they seem to be conspiring together. I know my ex mother in law would say she can't reach the kids through me so she goes through my grandmother, but the problem is, she goes through my grandma before hand and I know it. Therefore I have no interest in in making the initiative... Hello My Daughter, please breathe. Releasing this negative feeling and emotion is exactly what you must do. It is not healthy for your body, mind, or spirit to harbor negativity due to someone else's actions. As I have told you many times, as you coach your clients, anytime someone does something against you, is negative towards you, or hurtful, it is reflective of their inner being. It is a reflection of a way of being they are used to functioning in based on how they were raised, or a way of being they have adopted because of their own hurts and pain. Being negative back is never the proper response. When it comes up for you as a response, it is simply because it is triggering a sensitive area within you. This is the beauty about human beings. Until the end of time, until the end of your current human life, you will have areas of your life that will show you it needs attention and healing. There is no human being on the planet that even for a split second doesn't FEEL the affect of negativity. Those who are greatly evolved simply do not let negativity penetrate their heart. They energetically feel what someone is doing in negativity, even towards them, but they don't make it mean anything other than what is TRUTH. And the truth is, the person doing something that is manipulative, or hurtful towards another, is simply hurt within themselves. In the case of your ex- mother in law, she is a very different case. As I am sure you already know on a soul level. I understand greatly your upset of feeling manipulated. However, it goes deeper than that. As do all things that cause you great upset. It is never the exact situation that causes a human being, or you in this case to react to pain, it is what you make it mean based on a conversation you have not healed, or confronted. So, As I said. In your case your mother in law, in her heart believes she is doing nothing wrong. In her mind, her using your grandmother to speak to your kids is simply a matter of... She wants what she wants and she knows a way to get it regardless of what you think or feel. Manipulative? Maybe. AND YET, My daughter, she is well aware that she has limited relationship with you and what her heart needs due to her own hurt and pain is a relationship with those "grandbabies." And that overrides any upset that you may have. This is where I require MORE of you, as a child of God, who is open to all my wisdom and understanding to CHOOSE compassion. To rise above what you think she is knowingly doing to you. Is it knowingly what she is doing to you? YES. Is she doing it to Spite and disrespect you? No. And as you are aware of my words, wisdom, and direction in your life, I expect you to "BE Love. BE Beautiful." :) This means doing the highest good of others and yourself. So bravo for coming for assistance. Bravo that you came to the greatest Spiritual Life Coach of all, Me! GOD. :) By doing what is in the best and highest good for the HEART of your ex mother in law, whose heart has also been broken due to her life's circumstances, allow her to speak to the children more. By doing what is in the best interest for yourself based on how she treats you, don't get on the phone with her. Don't deal with her other than allowing her to speak to the children. For you to feel as if you are doing your part. Set Standards. Set your intention. Is once a week reasonable? Is twice a week reasonable? Every other week reasonable? Set what is reasonable and fair for her to be in communication with your kids. It may not always be the easiest thing to do, My daughter, to BE Love to someone who is less than lovable in their human nature towards you, but these are the times that you must remember, it is not YOU, it is them. It is their hurt and pain that has caused them to become less than lovable. And it is their lack of understanding and their inauthentic relationship to their own SELF that has them act outside of who I created them to be. LOVE. So be that for them. Be Love. But don't ever let someone get away with hurting you and not addressing it. This goes for all of my children. Separate yourself from those who harm you, hurt you, have no good intention for you, but do it out of respect for yourself, and compassion for them. Because your CHILDREN are who she desires to be in relationship with, for the sake of her heart, let it go. :) Rise above the negativity and what you see as "wrong doing." Let her BE Love for your children. Let them BE Love for her. It may be the only source she feels she has. And BE Love for yourself by keeping her out of your personal space, energy, and aura. I hope this helped. I truly hope by My daughter, NElise sharing her experience, you can see how this principle works for the life of ALL my beautiful souls who have similar troubles. No one is exempt from the FEELING of negativity, simply know what to do with it, and channel it as a way to grow and have compassion for others. After all, you have come to this physical world to be of service to each other by what you learn via your own personal experience. Be well for now, -GOD. :)

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