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Channeling Izzy on Authentic Truth.

written April 25th, 2015

Hi again, Izzy. What is it that you wish people to know about Authentic truth? We did the channeled video about this today but I have not posted it yet... Maybe tomorrow... Hehe, maybe tomorrow! Yes and hello, my sweet NElise! I would love you to post that video tomorrow. I know this is all so new to you... putting your beautiful face out there for the world to see. But, this is what you have been created to do! This is why you are so excellent at it. And just like many human beings functioning in that beautiful, amazing, but limited human mind, FEAR can get in the way. Fear is natural. You are naturally designed to have some fear. The right kind of fear. Fear stops you from stepping into oncoming traffic, so as everything, balance is necessary. Fear keeps you safe. AND YET! If you are unbalanced and allow it to ruuun your beautiful little life, LITTLE is what your life shall stay. So we don't want that now do we? We would not want to stay small and limited now would we? Who would want that? That would be a dreadful life to live. This is why I love and have chosen to stay a fairy guide. I come and go as I please. I am free. And the human body is a wonderment but it is in FACT--Limiting. I do not like that. Human beings are SO special, the spirit that functions the human body is nothing less than AH-MAZING... That you can live in that body, in this time, in this world, experiencing humanity, the good and the ...mmmm, CHALLENGING! To put it nicely. Being Love, spreading Love, even to those that are not in tune with Spirit and act outside of their true nature and come off as Unlovable, and you still manage not to LOSE your true nature (well we hope...on most occassion, lol) dealing with the unpleasantness of SOME human beings Nature, is quite extraodinary. So my humans, give yourself a hand for being able to survive the ups and downs of humanity and the emotional rollercoasters it comes with, lol. Before I get too far off track, as I like to talk ALOT, Authentic Truth! YES. HAVE IT! It is the most freeing way to live as a human being. BE truthful to who you are, what you want, and your path and journey in this life as you walk it with the Divine. GOD. JESUS. ANGELS. SPIRIT GUIDES. As NElise says, "The Heavenly community." The Team. We are here for you. Many people hide who they are because of fear! Well, Where is that getting you!? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled and satisfied being afraid of what people think? If you say Yes, you are not telling the truth. To me or to yourself, lol. Now, as God confirms, because We are high spiritual beings, We are all good, All loving. We have the UTMOST respect for people, nature, animals, community, family, LIFE! You must always have respect and kindness when speaking your truth. I shall leave you with this... If ANYONE that is trying to tell you how to walk your path in life is NOT LIVING the life you wish to live or have (AND more than materially)... they are not QUALIFIED to give you advice. You must seek out those in your tribe. You must surround yourself with those who understand your path... not those who try and tear down your path due to their small capacity to expand beyond what they know with their own limited understanding. :) It is your GOD given right, to move above anyone who brings you down. Being AUTHENTIC means living the life you know deep in your SOUL is meant for you to live. Regardless of what Society says you should be living based on any background you come from. Or, even your current financial situation, or any other obstacles you face. Be truthful in your communication. And Start with the communication you have with yourSELF. There is no need to try and convince anyone of a truth that you are not certain is YOUR truth because you have been influenced by so many OTHER truths that are not your own. Take the time to be quiet, listen to that beautiful mind of yours when it is not beating itself up for all the "screw ups, failures, mistakes, or missed opportunities" you have experienced. After all, it's apart of your growth to have and experience all of these things you have told yourself. It is simply not necessary or healthy to LIVE in it all the days of your life. LEARN THE LESSONS and move on. Hug yourself, hehe. LOVE yourself. Be Compassionate to yourself. AND KNOW...where your journey in this life begins and start walking. TRUTHFULLY. And without fear. When you take the first step. We, in the high realms, God, come together perfectly to bring you what you need to continue the journey. We never let you fall down for good. All falls are simply lessons to collect on your journey to the top... so that you may stand strong and teach all you have learned on your way up with compassion and love. Embrace them. And be true to YOU. And you will be unconditionally true and Love for others. Tata for now, my dear sweet, fascinating Human Beings. BE Love. BE Beautiful. Love NElise ...and Izzy, the Spiritual Love Guide.

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