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Unlocking the Capacity of your heart- Renewed Love

  • 5Days
  • 9Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Heart broken by love? Disappointed in the shallowness of relationships & lack of connections in your life? Feeling disconnected to what your heart even wants anymore? Have you given your all for love whether in friendship or romantic partnership, even family, to still feel empty handed? Have you questioned if something is wrong with YOU and not just them? This program will help you to release the pain, reconnect to the most beautiful part of your- your heart & spirit- and FEEL the strength, resiliency, hope, and elevated desires of your heart for true love and relationships. 1. Release old patterns of thinking, believing, and allowing what doesn't serve your next level 2. Connecting to your body & Heart- understanding your energy & soul to create your desired experience in love 3. Attract and Manifest what you declare for yourself from a confident & hopeful space in time.

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