Are you ready to experience body and soul transformation like never before?
Taking care of your body, mind, and soul is no longer a luxury that we can afford to put off. It is a NEED. A necessity that the soul can no longer live without. The power of touch is transforming. Physical touch, emotional touch, and energetic touch is crucial today.
Our health is deteriorating, our minds are suffocating, and our soul is looking for a way to be set free from every restriction we've placed upon it.

The passion package has come to set your mind, body, and soul free. It is one month of transformative healing work on the body and soul. It is a combination of every service I provide from The "sugar scrub body rub", energy therapy, life coaching, crystal healing, essential oil treatments, meditation, and spirit messages, and aura reading....the works. The ultimate body and soul experience.

This is not just about feeling good. This is about feeling ecstasy in such a way that it changes the blueprint of your energetic DNA. This is about transforming the way you see all of life and the experiences you are attracting to you because of your silent energy signals that no longer going to go ignored. This is about healing, in such a way that life will no longer look the same again. Soar to the greatest heights of your human capacity by finally putting yourself first. The world needs you, your gifts, and your contribution, and we need you to function at your best so that you can attract The Best.

​Shekhina Flow TM Passion Package

​Shekhina Flow Energy Detox

Shekhina Flow™ Energy Infusion uses the Divine energy of God and Spirit to Infuse and revitalize your energy field. We utilize the powerful healing properties of Crystals and essential oils to facilitate total body relaxation. We create a peaceful and relaxing environment for you to receive new life force energy. Shekhina Flow™ Energy Infusion restores your energy field back to a healthy, revitalized, feel good state so that you can continue living life to its fullest capacity without feeling drained and unconsciously manifesting illnesses due to energy deprivation.

​90 min sessions

Shekhina Flow™ fertility healing is a specialized modality of energy healing for those experiencing difficulty conceiving. It is a spiritually guided method utilizing the powerful, healing energy of God, crystals, energy grids, sound frequencies, and a combination of specially designed tools to assist and promote healing in the physical and energetic body. During our consultation process we get to know more about you and your journey to conception. Through the guidance of God and Spirit, I am directed as to how I can best serve you and assist you through the healing process.

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​65 minute session

Shekhina FlowFertility Healing

Have you ever felt physically drained and emotional completely out of the blue? Many times we don't realize how our personal energy is being negatively affected from the every day connections and interactions we've had. Without proper cleansing, balancing, and grounding, we become an emotional wreck and our energy field takes a major hit, eventually causing physical aliments. Shekhina Flow™ Energy Detox comes to clear the energetic attachments your energy field has stored with in it causing you to have emotional imbalances and physical symptoms so you can live a life you love and thrive in.

65 min session

​65 minute session

​55 minute session

Shekhina Flow™ Energy Therapy is a spiritually guided formula designed to awaken, stimulate, and infuse your energy to inspire deep healing and transformation of the mind, body, heart, and soul.
This specialized modality utilizes the direct and divine presence of God and Universal energy, earth elements, and multi-sensory techniques to promote ecstasy and healing at its core.

Shekhina FlowEnergy Therapy

Shekhina FlowTM Energy Infusion