Love & Relationship Coaching

Channeling Session

Love and Relationship coaching is a personal favorite of mine. I believe everything begins and ends with Love. I believe all things can heal and be transformed through the power of Love. Love of Self, Love of God and spirit, and the ability to love others all stems from our heart. Today, the heart has been through so much damage that it feels almost impossible to find love, trust love, keep love, and so on. As a personal warrior of heartbreak, I've come to learn that no matter what we go through, the heart has an amazing ability to heal and love again, even stronger and greater, after learning the truth behind each break.

Through my Love and Relationship coaching, I will assist you through heart healing and transformation so that you may be open to receive the greatest love of all. The  kind of love that you may never knew could exist for you. The kind of Love that exists within the depths of your soul, waiting to find its other half.

Channeling is done in one on one sessions and Private group sessions, as you will be having a direct conversation with God and/or spirit about your personal desires.

Channeling God and high level guides is very near and dear to my heart. It is a life changing experience for anyone who has sought out direction and assistance in their lives, and has a desire to begin, or develop deeper understanding and connection on their own spiritual path.

I use my gift of Clairaudience (clear hearing) to assist in bringing you wisdom, advice, understanding, and unconditional love from God, My guides, High level guides, and with your permission, your guides. Many times they will want you to be aware of their presence in your life so that you may begin connecting with them on your own.

Each and every person has been blessed by God to have their own personal team of spiritual guides, as well as God, to assist them in creating the greatest, most fulfilled, self expressed life you could ever imagine. Once you have experienced the life changing results of directly connecting with God and Divine spirit, your life will be affected in the most positive and brilliant way. Life and understanding will become clearer. Your purpose for being will begin to emerge and reveal itself, and you will begin the journey of a lifetime to a greater and transformed YOU.

How is Intuitive Life Coaching done?

  • face to face sessions
  • Skype Sessions
  • Phone Sessions
  • Group Sessions

If you are a new client, you will receive a free consultation to discuss what it is you are in need of. Client/Coach relationship and connection is a very important aspect of your development. It is important for my clients to feel comfortable, secure, and welcomed.

Spiritual Awakening Sessions
Spiritual Awakening is quite possibly my favorite type of coaching. I love being able to assist others in uncovering their own spiritual gifts and understanding. Spiritual awakening is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling accomplishment anyone can achieve for their lives. When you connect to your spirit and find an intimate, personal relationship with God, you begin a beautiful journey to destiny, purpose, and unimaginable possibilities open up before your very eyes.

Spiritual Awakening Sessions can be done in one on one sessions or group sessions.

Twice a month I will hold an introduction to spiritual development coaching. I will discuss what the class entails, client specials, pricing, and monthly spiritual social events. I believe it is vital for individuals to have a place where they can share their spiritual experiences, questions, and concerns in a warm, welcoming, and loving environment. Support, encouragement, and finding like minds will be some of the most important aspects of spiritual growth.

EMAIL: for introduction dates and times.

My philosophy is once a client, always a client. Your spiritual growth is one of my highest priorities. I am available through text and email when needed.

Intuitive Life Coaching
Intuitive Life Coaching is designed to enlighten, empower, and be a personal guide, assisting individuals in achieving their goals, dreams, and desires. Many people are unsure of what keeps them from moving forward, or in some cases, letting go of certain aspects in their life, whether it be in finances, relationships, love, teen social challenges, spiritual growth and development, or a new career. Through prayer, meditation techniques, coaching, and specifically designed assignments, we partner with you until you've achieved your desired results. We are skilled at revealing your true stoppers, with the help of God and the spiritual gifts he has blessed us with to provide you the "tools" you need to create a beautiful, rich, accomplished life with all that you desire.

How Channeling Is Done...