It is time that you let the Universe, God, and the world of Spirit show you what They can truly give back to you for all that you’ve poured out & give you the tools to be able to create ANYTHING you desire with ease from now on.

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Tap into your Creative Power through Pleasure & Energy

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What it would feel like to be unapologetic and confident in asking for the money you deserve because you are worth the journey its cost you to become an expert in your field and live the life you’ve always dreamed about.

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What it would it would feel like if you could work with your ideal client, who was excited, willing, and ready to to learn and absorb all the wisdom and knowledge youve spent years learning to master in order to transform lives, while paying you the kind of money you deeply desire to never burn out doing the work you love.


what it would feel like to make your desired  amount of money anytime you need through embodying the feeling of pleasure, visualization, and ease without ever needing to overwork yourself or struggle and just get by ever again. What would it feel like to shift your mindset and retrain your mind to filter in only the abundance of experiences that you wish to create and not what you’ve been limited by.

Are you a female entrepreneur, lightworker, healer, intuitive, or empowerment coach and you are not making 6 figures or more in your business...then this 3 day 2 night intensive retreat is for You!


What it would feel like to have all the resources and energy to fully give back and build the communities you desire because you have gained the tools and skills to apply to the spiritual practices you’ve always believed in.

When you step into the world of Luxury, and your mind, body, soul, heart, AND Spirit are finally ONE- Finally in harmony and alignment, because you took a leap of faith and trusted in the same Spirit you trust in for others, you  immediately feel the tension release from your body, and the energy start to shift from scarcity to abundance! You get to be fully taken care of knowing THIS is how you desire to feel in your business- this is how you want others to feel inside your presence because this is what you are all worthy of as children of the Most High.

For 3 Days and 2 Nights,you get to be in deep pleasure engaging all of your senses, being catered to beyond your wildest imagination from the food, to the accommodations, the energy of the environment, to the support of your Sisterhood, and the Presence of the whole Spirit Realms showing up for you because you chose to put YOU first this time, so all you have felt swimming upstream trying to heal the world is being given back to you.

For 3 Days and 2 nightsyou get to elevate your standard so you can walk away with reigniting how you truly wish to live your life experience.

For 3 Days and 2 nightsyou get to refill YOUR well and learn powerful tools to shift your mindset, energy, and perspective of how you desire to work within your business so that the reality you are Experiencing inside this retreat, gets to be the service you give to yourself and those blessed to work with you from now on.